How Can I Prevent Unauthorized Modifications to WordPress Files and Themes?

Hi everyone! 👋

I’m looking for a way to block or prevent unauthorized modifications to WordPress files and themes. Specifically, I want to stop spam bots from altering custom WP theme files and injecting malware or malicious code.

Does anyone know of a plugin or method to achieve this?

Best regards!

  1. Wordfence, Cloudflare, good hosting, keep everything updated at all times.

    > *Spam bots altering custom theme files*

    I think you mean malicious/malware. Spam bots just post spam comments.

  2. Spam bots won’t be able to modify the theme files. That is not even their job at all.

    With that said if you do not want the dashboard to be able to edit files which is a good security practice. Add this to the wp-config file:


    If you want to take it to another level change the file permissions on the server level too. But not sure what the repercussions are as that might stop WordPress as a whole from editing the files, which sometimes it needs to. So that will add another layer of complexity to your setup. But if you know what your doing this is the route.


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