How does a booking plugin work?

For example barber booking. Would he receive notifications on his phone or what? Btw what if someone books in real life/through phone call? The booking date would be avaivable on website when in reallity someone has booked it already. Btw how about payments? Would you have to pay immediatly on the website or in real life after haircut depending if u like it or not?

  1. Some of these questions depend on what plugin/solutions you choose.

    Some of these questions are requirements you have to ask the client and the answer would be based on how they run their business.

  2. I always see what POS the customer is using. Most of them come with their own booking system. There should be a way to embed or just link off to the POS system. This way it is already integrated with the brick and mortar barber/salon. This way you can’t double book.

    Otherwise you would have to tell the person taking the booking, they must enter it into the website also.


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