How long does it take from a client request until the final version is presented? (or almost the final)

I am trying to create some websites for family but they are taking longer than I expected, about 4 or 6 weeks including researching similar websites, layout research and re-design (usually I start with a theme which I modify), designing logos and images (I change all the images on the theme), writing content and seo adjust, etc. The structure usually consists of a land page, about us, contact, and a blog layout which they will use later.
I want to know if it is an acceptable timeline just in case I charge a client for a service

(Edited to add more info)

  1. I don’t think there’s an answer to that, as long as you tell the client that it will take 6 weeks and it actually takes 6 weeks and not 8 weeks, you’re fine.

    It will also depend on how quickly the client provides needed feedback, how good you are at getting requirements and avoiding having your work blocked because you’re waiting for a requirement you didn’t remember asking in the beginning.
    Researching similar websites can be pretty much reduced to a couple of minutes when you get better at the clients industry. Layout and redesign will depend on your design skills + how comfortable you are with the theme you’re working with).

    Designing logos and images it’s a whole new offer.
    Writing content is also another area.

    But quick answer: 4-6 weeks seems pretty acceptable to me.

  2. Our proposal includes a standard completion timeline of 4-6 weeks.

    However, we must emphasize that the actual timeframe is significantly influenced by the client’s promptness in providing the necessary content for the website, such as texts, images, videos, and links.

    Collaborating on a website is like a dance where both parties must work together smoothly to finish on time. We make sure clients understand this clearly, both in writing and in conversation.

  3. I appreciate very much your answers, so the devil is in the details. Is important to remember that communication is as important as other aspects.
    I designed some websites in the early 2000s. Many things have changed since then! Thank you for sharing

    Edited grammar 🤦🏻‍♂️

  4. Depends on content and your speed. Actually I can make 4-6 page Business websites on 2 days if I have no other job on hand, but I am dealing for at least 10 days with client. Also revisions takes some time after that.

    If you can charge great amount of money, you can live with making a one website in 6 weeks. In my country, it is impossible to do that as freelancer. Good paying customers preferring to work with agencies and there are tons of them in here.

  5. The money as important as it can be isn’t the point now.
    I know about standard contracts and how to make little arrangements to a wp theme. I can do it fast if I have all the information (never I have).
    My question was more referred about the tidbits of customer relationship and standard procedures nowadays. I know there is more work (=time) under the hood, like configuring the host and the domain (choosing it can be a nightmare from my point of view), designing the media (taking pictures if necessary or designing logos and images), looking trending keywords, writing content (making it seo), checking with the client,… this takes me what I sometimes consider to be a lot of time and what I was worried about. And aside to no have contact with people on the sector to check this questions this is the reason to ask here
    Thanks to some of the answers here I remembered the importance of ask the right questions before start, get the right answers, and have the customer informed (aside to get a decent product, but this is another question related to learn and get skills)


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