How many of you are actually using AI to create your websites?

How many of you are using the new emerging AI tech in some WP themes for creating websites. How useful is it in practice and how good is it? Can it really copy a website for you as I have seen in the marketing blurbs of some AI themes?

  1. Nope. I’m a heavy Divi user. There’s AI built in that can create CSS for you and all that. Every time I use it, it comes up with something seemly completely random.
    I wish I could just turn it off.

  2. No, but it is good for things like [rubber-ducking your code]( and the base structure for a block of copy. I’ve had good luck prompting it for a couple of paragraphs and skimming them like “oh I like that sentence” or “oh that’s an interesting way to say that; I’ll turn it into a section for this blog post”

  3. I haven’t used any WP themes for this but I have tried a couple of AI website generator tools out there and they’ve been underwhelming.
    I don’t think the current AI is at that level yet. But it might get there


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