How much do you charge to manage your client’s WordPress site?

I’ve built a few websites for clients now but I haven’t really looked into managing their sites yet. I’d like to explore it as a new revenue stream.

What is the market rate in North America for a service like this?

Specifically, I’m talking about updating plugins and themes for a basic 3 to 10 page brochure, non-e-commerce website.

Web hosting will also be included in the price, on my hosting plan.

I’m interested to hear what similar services you offer, and what you charge.

Much appreciated.

*EDIT: Another quick question, if the client’s site is hosted on your own hosting plan (WP Engine, for example), do you give the client access to the website hosting (with their own WP Engine account)?*

*Or do you only give them access to the WordPress Dashboard?*

*Happy to hear your thoughts on why you* ***do or not not*** *grant access.*

  1. How do you know that your clients need this? Have they asked?

    If they have asked, that’s a good sign because now you know there is at least one person who is interested.

    I do basic updates that are pretty much automatic anyway and it takes me about 15 minutes a week per client. All I touch is plugins, themes and make sure they have the up to date version of WordPress.

    So it takes me an hour each month and I charge $39. Probably could charge more but it’s like free money to me and the client thinks they are getting a bargain.

  2. FWIW, I pay $100 a month which includes all core, theme and plugin updates. Coordination with my hosting company, Daily backups, and up to 3 hours a month of additional work (if needed, and does not roll over).

    Additional work might be writing a simple plug in, troubleshooting an issue where an image is not displaying. Increasing a file size limit, etc. It is not “hey I have a new project and want you to use my three hours to do it.” I am launching a new project right now and I have a separate estimate for that

  3. I bill $50 per month, and handle daily backups, software updates, and security.

  4. $99/mo for updates, seo monitoring, security, and backups if not on our server.

  5. I currently charge like $30 USD per month (billed annually). Takes care of updates, security, uptime monitoring, license to our premium plugins and email relay.

  6. We charge a standard billable hour per month for standard and 2 hours for e-commerce to monitor and manage updates. If we have to go over that we bill the actual hours.


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