How to apply/create a css class on WP

I only have a little experience in html/css and I’m new to wordpress, how do you make a class with a bunch of attributes for an image and then assign that class to certain images on your page? I’m a little confused on css works on wordpress. Figured this should go here and not r/css because this is specific to how it applies on WP. Sorry for posting this, it’s probably asked a lot but when I looked up my issue I got a lot of pretty general css stuff that isn’t what I’m looking for here. Thanks!

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  1. Adding a new class to elements will be trickier, because you’d need to alter your theme code. You should also create a child theme before doing this so your changes don’t get overwritten when the theme gets updated.

    However, do you really need to create a new class? WordPress themes often have a specific class or ID for every element, so you can target every element through CSS (sometimes you may need a more ‘advanced’ CSS selector like :nth-child(n) )


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