How to approach this?

Hello WP masters,

I will work on a .com instance. I was tasked with “mastering WordPress” for the in-house website of the company. My boss usually did that, but now it’s my turn. I will not do the design or content, but I need to be able to add custom CSS elements and structures as the need arises.

Here is where it starts to become hard for me. As per online suggestions, I used some extension to make a child theme of the 2023 theme and tried to mess around with it. The extension should support selectors, but none worked when I tried. I went on with the editor and added a class to some element, just to learn that I can’t overwrite it because of the “compiled” CSS, which is not regular CSS, but JSON files.

I guess I need to delete every block and create my own custom patterns? I need it to be reusable as a style, so do I need to place the CSS in the main child file that is an empty CSS file? Also, it would be really awesome if I could go above and beyond and add some animated elements to the page (mouse reactive, parallax, etc.).

I know you may say “Go learn the manual,” but even that is confusing at times. Any help is appreciated.


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