How to create permalinks?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to fix our website’s URL architecture kind of like what Ahrefs has shown:


Generally, I would do this by going to WordPress Settings>Permalinks and adding blog before I add the postname shortcode. But we also have post types for templates which means this will add the blog/ to those too. Ideally, I want to have this kind of link structure:



Blog: [](

Single Post:


Template types:

How can I do this? Any suggestions?

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  1. I would add different custom post types for each of the different types of content, give each post type the slug you want, and then posts is just for the blog. So, you’d have a /features post type, a /templates post type, and a /website-templates post type. Now all those pieces of content would assume the permalink prefix of their post type.


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