How to do multi-domain on linux

Hi, got an ubuntu server on the go with 2 wordpress sites.
I’ve updated the ‘site address’ in my settings to point to the domains I’ve got hosted.

When trying to access either one externally I’m just brought to the apache page, I’ve done WP multiple times in Windows and never had this issue, usually I can just slap in the Site address to be and on the other WP install do and then when accessing them from an external source I’m pointed to the correct one

If I go to I can still access it this way, just not solely on their FQDN.

I’m sure there’s something simple I’ve missed relating to a .conf or index.php file or something.


Update: I made this post because I was lazy and sick of learning and just wanted the answer, it’s late and I’m ready for bed.

23 minutes later and I’ve since done a bit more research and made 2 virtual host files and enabled them while disabling the default apache one.
Issue resolved, all working now, cheers.

Further update:

Well, it’s broken all my links and going to isn’t working either now, guessing this is a combination of a few things, DB not able to be logged into remotely, wordpress address needs updating in the options table.

Bed time for me, will update in 20 hours.

  1. How have you installed wp on your Ubuntu server? I use easy engine on my Ubuntu local server, which handles much of the deployment headaches like this.

    And yeah, you probably have something misconfigured server side, not site routing etc. What server version are you running?

  2. You might want to take a look at an open source web admin panel to handle the configs for you. Check out ispconfig. Falco has great step by step build guides.

    I used to rock ispconfig until I moved to Plesk as we host a few hundred WordPress sits now.


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