How to get a simple news blog setup in WordPress?

I am currently in highschool and one thing I am sorta interested in is journalism. I kind of suck right now at grammar and such but I feel if I open my own news/ blog thing it would improve! and my all time plan is to become maybe a reporter at a local news station. I got to job shadow them a few days ago and it was lots of fun. But I have no aspirations to do college. so I’m thinking if I can start early and build a portfolio up and run a website I could Impress some of them! and maybe get some sort of internship just to start. I am approaching senior year next year so I have plenty of time. anything you guys might recommend?? I really don’t know what Web host or anything like that to use. Any help would be appreciated

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  1. Shouldn’t be too hard – purchase a domain from a domain provider, setup an account with a hosting provider (I like Hostinger or Bluehost), run WordPress on the hosting site and point the domain to the hosting server. That part is a little technical but it is not too bad. After that you can setup a very basic WordPress site with blog posts…Wordpress is natively designed for that purpose.


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