how to link popup to image in block editor?

additional info: popup should open a shortcode block.

got it to work with a HTML block, <a href> (for mouse icon change) and <img> with the ID.
it generally works, but the ALT tag is not showing up….with an image block its show correctly.
So, is there a way to use the “normal” image block?

best regards

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workaround for the missing “ALT” tag: specifying a “TITLE” tag within the dummy <a href…>

Hi @hugofant,
Greetings. Hope you are doing well.

Regarding your query, You can use the EB Popup with a normal image block. To do this you need to set the popup block trigger to External Element and set an Identifier. Copy that Identifier and set it as an HTML Anchor on the normal image block Advanced option. For reference please check this screencast –

Hope this will help you out. Please let me know how it goes.

Thanks and Regards.

Thanks a lot, much easier and works like a charm.
best regards

Hi @hugofant,

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