How to make text transparent (same color as background) with highlight around.

I am trying to highlight a word, so that the text clips through the highlight to show the background. I have made an example under, the main problem is that the background is actually a gradient even though you cant see that as well in the pics. So i cant just select the same color for the text.

What ive tried to do is make the text transparent and then have a highlight, but the transparencey doesnt override the highlight and rather just shows the highlight underneath. Ive tried to find CSS that accomplishes this but i cant. I feel like this shouldnt be as hard to accomplish as ive found it to be. Only thing i can think of to fix it is to make the header a image but that just seems unneccesary.

Im only a CSS and WordPress novice, so excuse me if this is the most brain dead question with an easy fix hahahaha.

[Transparent text just shows the white highlight.](

[What i am trying to achive \(simulated by using blue text\)](


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