How to Migrate Your WordPress Website to a New Host

Migrating your WordPress website is not a complicated process. It requires a few simple steps and knowledge of how WordPress works.

Most hosting providers require minimal involvement from the site owner so that the migration process will take one business day to a week. Using the Filezilla interface on the new host, connect to your website. Please navigate to the public_html folder and select it. Upload the files to this folder.

If you have a WordPress website on another host, it will likely be located in a different folder. If you can’t find it, contact the web host to see the files in the new folder. Once you have located your website folder, insert the new URL in the Destination URL. Once you have a copy of your site, you can begin the migration process.

Once you’ve decided which hosting provider to choose, you will need to export the WordPress codebase. This can be done via FTP or by manually importing the—htaccess file. Once you’ve made the backup, you will need to import it to the new host. Once you’ve uploaded the files, you can start the migration process. It won’t take long, and it will ensure no downtime.

WordPress Migrate – Export .SQL Database

The first step in the migration process is to export the database. Then, you will need to import the database. Some hosts use phpMyAdmin, while others use their tools. If you don’t know how to do this, ask your hosting provider for help. In either case, make sure to make a backup before you start making changes. Using Duplicator will help you export the content or the entire site.

You can also use the Duplicator to migrate your WordPress website to a new host. The first step is to back up the files on your current server. Then, you should download the data from your old host to your new host. Once you’ve backed up your files, you can copy your site’s root directory to your local computer. After that, you can upload the database to the new host.

Next, you must upload the files to your new host. You can use the FTP client to transfer files. You can also upload your files through your current web host. You can also use FTP to download the wp-content file. If you don’t have an FTP account on your existing host, you can download the files. You should then insert the URL of your old website into the Destination URL field.

After you’ve downloaded the files, you need to upload the database to the new host. You must ensure that the new server supports WP-CLI to avoid any errors. After you’ve finished the migration, you can now transfer your WordPress website to a different host. You can use the same WP-CLI commands to import the files. You can even export your data from the old to the new host.

Once you have exported all the files, you need to import the database. You can either use phpMyAdmin or an independent tool to import the database. Once you’ve completed the installation, you must connect to the new host’s file manager. You must now enter the URL of the old site in the Destination URL field. The URL of the site must be entered correctly to ensure that everything works.


To migrate your WordPress website, you need to create a backup of the files and folders of the site. Once you have backups, you need to install them on the new host. Once the backup is complete, you can migrate your WordPress website to the new host. After the migration, you should install the latest version on the new host. Once you’ve installed the newest version of WordPress, you can upload it to the old.


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