How to pull images from Google Photos into WP posts?

I’m stuck without my laptop for a few weeks while traveling; all I have is my Android phone and ‘public access’ desktops with very limited bandwidth. I’m trying to post photos to my self-hosted (ie, not []( WP site. All my photos are sync’d to Google Photos (GP).

If I try to use my phone to post to my WP site, I run into continued time-outs while large images load. Resizing images just so I can load them into WP is tedious. But if I try to use a desktop instead (chrome browser), I don’t seem to be able to find any way to link my WP site to my GP account.

All I want/need is a simple way to ‘browse’ for images from within WP (using chrome on the desktop), and access my photos in GP, rather than the local file system of the desktop computer. I’ve tried Jetpack, and despite it doing many things, it does not seem to let me connect to my GP account. Jetpack offers ‘extra’ features if you hook into a []( account, but since I’m self-hosted (not [](, I don’t really want to create a []( account. If I could be certain that Jetpack WILL let me hook into GP if I create a []( account, I would do it but I’m just not reading anything that suggests jetpack will do this).

It seems such a logical thing to want to do – to browse a GP repository when loading images into WP – but I just can’t seem to find anything that can do it from a desktop.



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