How to restrict visibility of content snippets based on form entries?


I’m struggling to find the right approach/ plugins for my project.

I want to build a website where you 1) go through a questionnaire and 2) based on the answers get custom content. Example: If you answer you smoke, you get the how-to-stop-smoking content snippet shown on another page (behind a paywall).

There will be \~50 data points per user (atteined via a quizz) and up to \~100 content snippets (a \~500 words text + pics + tables) as output.


How would you approach this?

\- Would you use posts or content blocks or something else for the 100 “content snippets”?

\- Which approach/ plugin can restrict the visibility based on form entry/ user data?


I’m happy to pay if it solves the issues.


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