How to set the price for variable product variations in Woocommerce when you have 100+ variations?

I have products with 4 different attributes and over 100 variations for each product, with some products having extra add-on options that affect the price. So overall the variable product has 8 different possible prices depending on the add-ons you select.

Is there any (FREE) way to set the prices for the variations in bulk without having to manually go and set the price for each variation created?

For example, is there a way to say ‘every product with attribute values ***a, b, c*** is set to $15, while products with values ***x, y, z*** is set to $20’ ?? This would be a way more time efficient way to do it rather than have to manually set the price for each variation I have in my store, which in total will probably be 1000+

  1. Weirdly this is the exact issue I found myself with, and I’m part-way through developing a plugin to fill this gap with the existing way of managing WooCommerce variations (although my solution adds a feature in to the edit product page itself, rather than bulk editing all products with specific attribute values)..

    It essentially adds a new bulk actions menu + a way to bulk select variations based on their attribute values, resulting in you being able to bulk edit specific variations within a product rather than the default option of all or nothing.

    It’s unfortunately not yet complete, so I can’t send you anything yet, but if you want to send me a DM I can let you know when an initial version is available for you to test out. Would be good to get feedback & further improve it.

    Outside of that & manually editing the variations, one of the various bulk editing plugins (which typically handle bulk editing outside of the edit product page) is probably the only solution for you.


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