How users sees new updates from our WP website

Dear Karl,

Thank you for reaching out. I understand you want to ensure that all users see updates promptly on your site.

To ensure that all users see your site’s updates immediately, you should both “purge the cache” and “preload” the cache. Purging the cache alone removes old cached content, making way for new updates to be visible. However, preloading the cache after purging will create new cache files immediately, ensuring that all users will see the most recent version of your site without waiting for the cache to rebuild as they visit the site. This approach provides a consistent and fast experience for all users.

Regarding the implications of purging the cache, it’s important to note that while this action does clear stored pages, the impact on your site’s performance is minimal and very temporary. The time it takes for your server to regenerate these pages typically spans just a few seconds, depending on server performance levels. This process ensures that all users will view the most current content without significant delays. Essentially, the benefits of displaying the latest updates promptly far outweigh the brief moment needed to refresh the cache.

Let me know if you have any further questions! We’re happy to help 🙂

Best regards,
Mansour M

Thank You Sir Mansour M.

Additionally, it is possible to do first to backup as TAR file our website in our server and then, we will do both “purge the cache” and “preload” the cache. However, we encounter an issue after purge/preload? it is possible to restore the deleted cache from the TAR file?

Greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

Creating a TAR file backup of your website is a prudent step before making significant changes, such as purging and preloading the cache. This ensures that you have a complete snapshot of your site’s current state, which can be restored if necessary.

However, it’s important to note that the TAR file backup will include your site’s databases and files but not the dynamically generated cache itself. If issues arise after purging and preloading the cache, restoring from the TAR file will revert your site to its previous state, but it won’t restore the deleted cache per se. The cache would need to be rebuilt either through visitor interactions or by manually preloading again.

Could you please specify the type of issues you are encountering after purging and preloading the cache?

Hi Sir Mansour M. ,

I’m not yet doing the “purging and preloading” activity, I just want to know first the use and impact of the plugin by asking here. I will do it maybe this week or later the week. And thank you for clarifying my thoughts about the backup and restoration.

Will update this post again once we encounter an issue moving forward.

Thank you so much Sir Mansour.

You’re welcome, glad to hear!

Kindly let us know if you encounter any issues.

Have a nice day! 🙂


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