How would I go about setting up flash sales on my WordPress?

I’ve been reckoning with the implementation of this for weeks now and figure maybe someone has some fresh perspective for me!

I would like to do automated flash sales every Tuesday on my woocommerce website. I’m using the twenty twenty-four theme with the new site editor (bad idea for a live ecommerce website but oh well), and Gutenberg. I would like to have the system automated as much as possible, from selecting the items every week to putting them on sale, to stopping the sale at 11:59pm until next week.

If you have ideas that I haven’t considered please ignore my implementation so far and feel free to suggest anything! If you know a plugin or anything.

I can do CSS and HTML, and I have a Code Snippets plugin, but I don’t know PHP myself unfortunately.

My implementation so far (only half done):

The way my implementation so far would work is basically add items for the flash sale in a specific “Flash sale” category which allows me to display them as a carrousel on the homepage. I would love to use tags instead but I haven’t found a carrousel plugin that can automatically select items in a tag taxonomy, only category.

Anyway, I also set the homepage block to display only on Tuesdays. So that works: every tuesday, a carrousel displays on the homepage with the flash sale items.

I’ve looked for plugins that could do this (automated scheduled sales) but didn’t find anything that quite fit my needs. The best I found was YayPricing, which allows you to schedule sales from X to Y date, but it doesn’t seem to do rescheduling. So every week on Wednesdays I would have to manually reschedule the sale for next week…

As much as possible, I’d like this to be FULLY automated. Even down to picking 20 or so items randomly every week to put on sale. The items would get picked automatically on Tuesday right before the sale begins, added to the ‘flash sale’ category, then the sale begins on that category. That would be the dream.

Thanks for any help! I’m completely stumped


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