.htaccess with “Deny from all” in /files if defined UPLOADS = blocking images


in 5.2 you set in wp-slimstat.php:68 following the $upload_dir. If defined(‘UPLOADS’) the upload_dir is just ABSPATH . UPLOADS

// Define the folder where to store the geolocation database (shared among sites in a network, by default)
if (defined('UPLOADS')) {
self::$upload_dir = ABSPATH . UPLOADS;
} else {
self::$upload_dir = wp_upload_dir();
self::$upload_dir = self::$upload_dir['basedir'];
if (is_multisite() && !(is_main_network() && is_main_site() && defined('MULTISITE'))) {
self::$upload_dir = str_replace('/sites/' . get_current_blog_id(), '', self::$upload_dir);
self::$upload_dir .= '/wp-slimstat';
self::$upload_dir = apply_filters('slimstat_maxmind_path', self::$upload_dir);

In line 1.985 you write a .htaccess with Deny from all in this folder.

* create upload directory
public static function create_upload_directory()
$upload_dir = self::$upload_dir;

* Create .htaccess to avoid public access.
if (is_dir($upload_dir) and is_writable($upload_dir)) {
$htaccess_file = path_join($upload_dir, '.htaccess');

if (!file_exists($htaccess_file) and $handle = @fopen($htaccess_file, 'w')) {
fwrite($handle, "Deny from all\n");

If the UPLOADS is set like in https://developer.projectdmc.org/reference/functions/wp_upload_dir/#folder-name to eg ‘files’ the .htaccess is saved in this folder and all images (in /files) wont load any more.

So better add the multisite option in the function correctly to use the /wp-slimstat from line 76.



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