Huge difference between emails sent in Flamingo and email inbox

I am trying to figure out why the Flamingo Inbound messages say 26 emails have been sent, but there are only 8 emails in my inbox. Those emails were bcc in CF7. The emails were BCCed to Gmail. I checked everything; inbox, spam, trash, but no track of the sent emails.

On the email account that should receive all form email, only 1 email was received.

I don’t know if this concerns CF7, Flamingo, WP, or your plugin. In the past, with only CF7, I didn’t have any problems. They started when I installed your plugin and Flamingo.

I also don’t know if your plugin has any influence on sending emails. For instance, when a form is used, the data is stored in Flamingo, and then your plugin decides whether the email should be sent or not.

Just now, I tried to resent an email which was not marked as spam but also not received in the inbox. Neither the one for the inbox nor the BCCed one arrived.


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