I am seriously frustrated!

So I have been editing a site for a project and this new WordPress update is really annoying. Earlier everything was available directly on the surface but now they have dug all options deep to not make new users overwhelmed?! So I’ve been editing the homepage(front page) directly after installing a theme. Now after completing almost half of the site I realized there is actually no homepage and I’ve been editing frontpage which is just a custom link(yourwebsite.com/ instead of yourwebsite.com/home). So I designed a menu for this front page with all pages added to the naviagtion but when I go to another page for eg. About page I can’t come back to homepage since it’s just a link as mentioned and also the naviagtion on the about page is somehow not same as what I designed on the home page. It’s just showing some default menu with no links to homepage. Please help 🙏

  1. What?

    Now that you got your frustration out have a look at what you wrote and provide us with some useful info like: theme you’re using, link to the website, how proficient you are with WordPress and web development in general.

  2. >It’s just showing some default menu with no links to homepage

    You know you can change the menu? And link to any page you want?

    The homepage should be set as the front page.

    Are you using a full site editing theme, or a regular theme?


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