I Am Totally Lost…

A few months back I let somebody make me a WordPress page. The site turned out to look nice and worked properly when I was still in my trial period of WordPress creator. Anyway my trial period ended and a few months went by where I did not need to the website to be up yet.

So a few days back I decided to finally fully setup the WordPress website. My site had been reset because of the time that had passed, so I needed to import the website again, using the All in one WP-Migration tool. When I imported the page I received a warning that there had been some updates in Elementor and other plugins, and that that could give problems.

I reckoned it would be alright, and just went on with the importing process. So using Elementor I did a few more updates to the website (mainly just changing texts). I decided to test out the website going on a private webbrowser and trying the website out. When I tried going on the website I get the wordpress logo and a message which says: ” You need to be logged in as a user who has permission to view this site.” also it says “Private Site”.

So I googled how to make my website public, and it told me to go to the “privacy settings”. Anyway this is where the real problems are at. I cannot even access my settings. When I click on settings in WordPress or WP-admin I automatically get sent to the Jetpack Statistics.

I tried to temporarily deactivate Jetpack to see if that would fix the issue but I cannot do that either, it says: Jetpack is automatically managed by host. Also my permissions seem very much off. I tried accessing a backup and it says I don’t have permissions to do that…

I am just totally lost now, I have tried contacting support but I don’t receive a reply. Can anyone who has a bit more knowledge about WordPress than I do please lay out some steps I could take in order to solve some of the issues I am having.

I am thinking about just cancelling my plan now I still can and perhaps just making a whole new account and trying again.

If you need more information let me know! Thanks in advance for all your help and even taking the time to read my message!


  1. I would cancel your plan, get your hosting somewhere else (not wordpress.com) and import your site to a better host.


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