I can’t contact support for love or money. Help point me in the right direction?

I’m a little tech savvy, but I am a raging idiot when it comes to websites and the like. Please have mercy on my soul.

Long story short: Bought a wordpress site, transfered my domain and site files over, everything was roses and sunshine. Talked with the Happiness Engineers a few times, they helped me get everything up, running, and working. Great!

I’m trying to get email added, and it’s like playing ‘if you give a mouse a cookie’. First – the billing and purchases vanished off my dashboard. Then I went to try and get support, except I can’t contact them. Either live chat or email support ‘reds out’ the ‘contact us’ button, saying I’m not the owner of the website in question – nevermind that I’m logged into the dashboard. The purchases show up in my history with a line of ‘you no longer have this domain’ (Except the purchased domain was a generic wordpress.sitename one, vs the Sitename.Com one I have access to and can modify)

Since there’s the ‘disconnect’ on the WordPress end on who owns the site, I can’t even open up a ticket going ‘excuse me, how do I open a ticket from the dashboard to contact you’, which would be solid evidence that it’s me.

the obvious answer is “Go to the help tab in the top right hand corner”, which I do.

Overview, Navitation, layout, Content don’t give anything useful. I’ve followed the links for support – but that’s just the forums. It gives it to me in a logged-out format, and when I try to login – welp, it gives me the same run-around as earlier. The chatbot isn’t very helpful, and when I go to ‘talk with a person’ i hit the same wall – they can’t talk to me without a site in my name, but that’s exactly my issue.

Any advice or help?

  1. Unfortunately we can’t be of much help here – this sub is about WordPress, which is open source software. Your issue is with WordPress.com, who are a private hosting company.

  2. Hey!

    *the billing and purchases vanished off my dashboard*

    That sounds like you may actually be logged in with a wrong account. This can happen when you’ve first logged in with an email and password and then accidentally created a new account by logging in with a social service using a different email address. I would recommend logging out, then logging in using the same email address where the receipts from your domain purchase was sent to. I hope that helps.


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