I can’t figure out this load time

I have a site that I’m just having the hardest time with fast loading.

When I originally built it it was loading in under a second. Now it’s a bit more.

Since then I’ve added woo and a bunch of products. When I inquire with the host they blame my lack of optimizing however if I go down their “list” of things I’ve done them all. I have a cache in place, image smusher, lazy loading, Cloudflare, etc.

I’m not sure as to what else to do to make the woocommerce pages snap in to place.

Currently as the picture below it’s on a VPS with 2GB Ram and I believe 2 cores.

I don’t feel like this is a huge miss in terms of speed however I do know that people are extremely impatient and have to have their sites faster than the Flash in order to be able to use them.

Would this be related to the SQL database being on a shared server? Would a SQL VPS be the solution here?






  1. Your time to first byte is too long, usually a code eval issue or caching issue. Talk to your host.

  2. I can lead you in the direction that your cell phone has as many as 40 cores and 2 cores is a small web server. It’s been awhile since we optimized woocomm but the jist of it is to load all the products as an object. Then I guess that calls into effect an object cache like Redis. Without Redis or mem cache so might just be stuck where you are. If you are running a local db then one core is doing db and the other http so no cores left, if you get the picture.


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