I dont know how to access my website any longer

Hey, i need some real help right now.

I created this website as my first wordpress since i didnt have any previous experience with it and wanted to test some things, which i have been doing for the last few weeks, and i ended up pretty Happy with the result. I had obviously purchased my domain, hosted it on a Linode VPS and used Hestia Control Panel for some administration (and from where i downloaded wordpress). Since i didnt know how to set up properly a domain, i ended up using a subdomain (sr1.mydomain.online) because doing some trials i ended up using mydomain.online, didnt want to break anything or to take too much time with any setup so i went on with that. However, after i finished everything i decided it would be better if i could use the no subdomain option. I didnt give it too much thought, saw the option on the first page, and went on and changed the address to mydomain.online. and now, both urls stopped working. And i got the image on the second slide after doing so.
I tried changing it manually by Hestia going to wpconfig.php and adding manually the following configuration, but that didnt work either.

define( ‘WP_HOME’, ‘http://yoursiteurl.com’ );
define( ‘WP_SITEURL’, ‘http://yoursiteurl.com’ );

What can i do? I can see on Hestia that the space for the website is still being used, and i also had some backups created on WordPress. I just want to access to my site. I dont really care if i cant change the subdomain thing, but please, i want to find a solution to this. Thanks

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