I downloaded my data but not the database. What can I do now?

My webhoster changed all his systems and provided no guidance at all (thank you [netcup.de](http://netcup.de) – worst hoster ever!)–anyways. I really didn’t have time to deal with this and only downloaded everything via FTP to “save” it. Obviously I forgot to download the Database…

So now I have all the files via FTP (incl. wp-content, wp-admin etc) but I don’t have the database. This amazing webhoster has deleted all old files, so no I can not just go and get it now.

Is there anything useful I can still do with this or is it now building everything from scratch?

Thx in advance -.-

  1. If you don’t have the database, there’s not much you can do. You can save the files in the media library but that’s about it. When you’re backing up a (WordPress) website the database is really 99% of what you need, everything else can be reconstructed (except for the images).

  2. You still have the theme folder, maybe it was customized for you.

    Also check internet archive (wayback machine), maybe your domain content was archived so you can get your textual page contents.

  3. The database is really the core of WordPress, so not much you can do without it. Are you certain your hosting company cannot retrieve it from backup?

  4. The database IS your data. All the files do is pull the data from the database to display on the page. If you don’t have your database, then you don’t have your data.

    Your WP-content folder will have your images and that’s really all you have. Basically, you’re rebuilding from scratch. You can use the Wayback Machine to view copies of your site from the past and copy/paste content into a new site – that’s really the only option you have.


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