I screwed up downloads

I have a site that, among other things, allows logged-in users to download a few PDF and Word documents. Another guy started the site a year ago, got frustrated with it, and bailed. Although he had issues with it, he did have the download pages working just fine using the plugin “Simple Download Monitor.”

I took the site over 6 weeks or so ago. I’m ***not*** a web developer; just an end user flailing around, but resolved the login and email problems, moved to a new host, changed the theme, did some customizing, and it was all working fine as of this morning — including the download pages. Yay.

I said I screwed it up. I did. When deleting the original creator, I unwittingly deleted all content he created, including pages, including the Downloads page.

I ended up resolving that by restoring from backup, and everything works fine now — except the Downloads page. The page is there. The links are there. I had to re-upload some of the downloadable Word and PDF documents but they are there now. Simple Download Monitor is there. I’ve checked the settings for SDM and they are the same on the main site as they are on the staging site (where they work just fine). But the links don’t work. I get “No Results Found.”

I seem to have broken the links. Has anyone used Simple Download Monitor? Any suggestions as to what else to check before I throw my computer in the trash and move out into the desert somewhere?

  1. Restoring from backup should result in a mirror of what the site was at the time of the backup. If that hasn’t happened, then it was broken before the backup, or you didn’t do the restore correctly.


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