I want to become a wordpress freelance

I want to become a wordpress freelancer, create sites and carry out interventions for individuals and companies on their websites.

I found some training and videos on YouTube.

I want to know how to start.

What are the topics I need to know before I get started and the skills I need to master.

Do you have any advice about this work?

Do you think the profession is saturated?

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  1. **Do you think the profession is saturated?**

    Yes it is, so what every other profession has saturated. The question is could you make a living, could you make more than just living? and answer is yes. depends on the skill you acquire over the time.

    **Do you have any advice about this work?**

    Learn basic of web development, just an overview. Learn to build small business websites using themes, using no themes and then design your own themes.

    I would suggest Go with block themes, learn it as it’s the future of web development.

    Learn to find requirements , learn to sell.

    hope it helps!!


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