Iframe help

Hi all, I have been at this for a few days now and really struggling. Bought a # of plugins including advanced Iframe pro which seems powerful but just confused at this point and no support from the dev even though when I read through the 60 examples or so what I want to do is doable. This is what I need:

1 – one of 2 options (i) include a search bar in homepage for someone to enter their search for a home . or (ii) use a portion (not the entire page just the search bar) of [example.com/search](https://example.com/search) as an iframe that has the search bar already there . I can do i or ii but I cannot do the rest. When the user hits the search button I want to

2- go to another page ie test.com/ listings (I’ve created this page already) or create a pop up

3- display an iframe on [test.com/listings](https://test.com/listings) from [example.com/listings](https://example.com/listings) but have the search parameter result already on this page instead of having the user reenter the search


I hope this makes sense… I am using elementor if that makes a difference. Thank you


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