Inconsistency with font sizes on (responsive) screen sizes

As always, thanks for this awesome theme 😊

Have been noticing some odd inconsistency in font sizes between different (responsive) screen sizes.

So for example, we use the gutenberg block editor to set a font-size (typography) for a paragraph to 22px. It looks great on the large screen showing the larger font-size, but when we look at it on a phone-screen the font size is actually smaller than the Blocksy default typography base font setting of 16.

Sure, we can go in and set @ media css for screen sizes base font typography but is there another way using the settings that we can have a gutenberg custom typography font size setting be consistent on all device screen sizes?

If we leave paragraph font-size in gutenberg block as default without entering any number value like 22, 24, 18 then it all shows the default base font setting which looks nice on phone screens but maybe too small for our needs on a large monitor.

When we try setting the typography size for paragraph to 1.5em instead of 22px for example then it does look better/larger on the phone screen but still not the ideal appearance on the large screen.

Mabye it would be useful to have an advanced typography setting where we can set default base font size for large screen, tablet or phone…

UPDATE: We removed (deleted) custom font-sizes in the desired gutenberg block paragraph typography and changed the default > customize > typography > base-font > settings entering desired font-sizes for each of 3 screen size options and this helps improve consistent appearance. But it would still be nice if the custom gutenberg paragraphy typography size setting would accomplish desired effect that would look good across all screen sizes. This would make it easy to change fonts for text-blocks on the fly without worrying if they are going to look ok on different screen sizes.

Please advise on best solution.


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