is it just me, or is post scheduling super buggy? 😭

I’m curious if anyone else has any experience with post scheduling issues.

I just stopped doing it and now publish manually when needed.

I’m planning on doing some digging for a possible plugin that replaces native WordPress scheduling, has anyone found any they like? Or any better ways to schedule?

  1. Never had a problem with scheduled posts and do two a day most weeks.
    Does your site have many daily visitors? There may be a cron issue if scheduled posts aren’t on time.

  2. What’s the issue? As others have said WP cron (which is how scheduled events happen) is triggered when you get site visitors, if you aren’t getting many, maybe it’s not getting triggered at the times you set.

  3. If you’re not getting enough visitors to trigger wp cron on time then an easy solution is to use a service like statuscake to ping your site regularly.


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