Is it okay to not set a default Posts page in the Settings?

For context, I use free Elementor plugin + the Hello Elementor theme. I’m all set with all the pages but I’m stuck on how to customize the Blog page.

Once I set a page as the Posts page, it wont let me edit the page in Elementor anymore. And Hello Elementor theme doesn’t have a default blog page template so when I view the Posts page, it’s just jumbled mess.

My question is – is it okay to not set a default Posts page and instead just add a blog page manually? That way I can edit my blog page in elementor and maybe also use Post Grid plugin. Btw, any page I set as default page wont let me edit/add any block. I meant when I try to edit the posts page, it won’t let me add any block. All I can edit is the page name and stuff on the side panel.

I’m new to this so any help will be appreciated.

Also contemplating on just using Astra theme as it has a blog template included but I fear it might wreck the look of my site (I’ve painstakingly edited every size, padding, margin of every element for desktop, tablet and mobile viewports so It’d be a waste if I ruin things). Thank you


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