Is it possible to deactivate the plugin in specific places?

Is it possible to deactivate the plugin in specific places, i.e the cart. I would like to leave woocommerce defaults on my cart page.

Reply is: Yes, It’s possible using filter hook: ‘wqpmb_show_validation’.

See Example code on Gist:
Also here:

 * Disable Plus minus button for specific page
 * such: cart page, checkout page,
 * using filter hook: 'wqpmb_show_validation'
 * There are few filter hook
 * wqpmb_show_validation bool filter hook
 * wqpmb_on_product_page bool filter hook 
 * wqpmb_on_cart_page bool filter hook
 * wqpmb_on_mini_cart_page bool filter hook
 * wqpmb_template_on_off bool filter hook
 * wqpmb_template
 * @author Saiful Islam <[email protected]>
 * @return bool
function ca_custom_off_plus_minus_specific($validation, $datas){
	if( is_cart() ){ //you can use any other page condition.
		return false;
	return $validation;
add_filter('wqpmb_show_validation', 'ca_custom_off_plus_minus_specific', 10, 2);


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