Is it possible to have a theme for your website and a different theme for your woocommerce shop?

I have never used woocommerce. So I tried to install it and it changed the theme for my entire site.

Is there a way to have []( one theme and []( (or /store) a different theme for the store?

  1. I’m not sure why installing woocommerce would have changed the theme for the entire site – is it possible it just added styling on top of your current theme? If that is the case, look into possibly disabling the default css for woocommerce.

    Another option, if you truly did want to have different themes for your main site and shop is to utilize multisite. Then you would have two WordPress sites managed in the same dashboard and could have a different theme on each install.

  2. You technically can, I’d put the store on a subdomain and then you can run two themes.


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