Is there a good how-to on Additional CSS?

People ask me stuff like “how can I make this header text smaller” and stuff like that. I reply “Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS.”
Then they say, ok, what do I put there? I say, “Right-click, Inspect, look at the ids and classes of the elements you want to style.”

Needless to say, the conversation soon deteriorates into “wait, what is a parent node” and obscure stuff like that.

Is there a training resource for teaching clients to do this kind of Additional CSS hacking within WordPress? Can you point it out to me?

Or is it simply, “go learn CSS and then inspect enough WordPress DOM stuff so you know the class names and nesting conventions?”

  1. It’s basically the latter. They need to learn web development if they want to tweak css like that, if the theme doesn’t offer that ability.

    It’s like me asking my mechanic how can I increase the HP in my car. It’s something a trained professional needs to do.


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