Is there a good WordPress REST API endpoint that I could use for setting and getting key value data?

I’m wondering if there is something that just works out of the box for setting key value data stored in the database?

I’m working on a project that I don’t have direct access to db or config files to enable more than what is already set up. I can make REST API calls but I’m not able to set custom field data on post or pages. I really only need to set data for a specific page but I also may need to pull that value in other places.

I’m likely going to generate a script that calculates a value outside of WordPress, but will need to send it back to WordPress for pages to read from.

I might end up just pushing a static file to a web server that I can read via clientside js as a last resort. But I figured I’d ask here first.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Install ACF and create a custom field (key) and assign it to posts type. Then you will find that field available to be filled for each post you have. Fill the value you want for every key within each post.

    Use the official wordpress REST API to get posts as per your filter and within the result json you will see yout custom field key:value under the meta-fields key


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