Is there a plugin/service that provides a traffic exchange based on related posts?

An idea occurred to me that for many blogs with good content but low traffic, existing related posts would never work-because no one clicked into any of them, and therefore no one would notice these “related posts.”

Is there a plug-in or service that serves related posts across sites?

When I see a post about rainbows on someone A’s blog, it shows me several other rainbow-related posts from other blogs. The corresponding post on blog A will also automatically appear in other people’s blogs.

I think this is useful for a lot of lone bloggers who don’t update frequently.

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  1. It’s not particularly common that site owners would want random externally linked content like that, where they have no control over content. Embedding an RSS feed or something from external sites gets done pretty routinely but the idea that you could mistakenly show something potentially off putting or offensive to your end users with a simple relevancy based related posts is gonna make this a non starter.


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