Is this type of site possible?

Hey there, I’m a newbie in terms of coding and teaching myself how to code wordpress sites (currently on the stage of learning how to code WP templates). I’m wondering if a site with a large amount of animations and still backgrounds is possible for a regular website with a regular hosting plan.

Let’s take [Accenture]( This is the type of sites I’m aiming to be able to create. Is this type of site able to have good loading times with a regular hosting plan using saas (which loads pages individually compared to css). Or is it because Accenture is a billion pound business and have a costly hosting plan and that’s why they are able to make this kind of site?

  1. Yep, you want to pick up the []( plugin. []( This will do the trick. At the core of this, it’s just HTML/CSS/JS. You’re not touching any PHP that would mess with server-side resources.

    I’d recommend loading up the plugin, building your animations, and optimizing the CSS/JS files via a plugin like Hummingbird.

    You’ll be a pro in no-time… especially after you wrap up this project 😉

    Have fun, and make bank!

  2. You could try the AOS block animation plugin, as well. Provided you’re using the block editor.

    Or better yet, learn how do code animations using a library like AOS and CSS, also CSS-only animations.

    That’s all those plugins do, load the library and provide you with a GUI to apply settings to page elements.

  3. > saas…which loads pages individually compared to css

    What does this mean? Do you mean scss or sass? Or do you mean a SaaS service, like a CDN? If the former, that’s not at all how it works. If it’s the latter, that’s not at all how it works…but it’s slightly closer.


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