Is WordPress the optimal choice for developing a fully functional website that prioritizes speed?

I already built a [website]( using wordpress and the speed of the website is not top notch. PS: you can provide me some website references which is built using wordpress with elementor with good speed.

  1. Hosting provider, theme/plugins, and images are the three factors in play for speed. If you’re using a page-builder, they tend to be DOM-heavy and add lots of JavaScript. If you can turn off what you’re not using, it will help. Images should be sized properly, and utilize WebP format if possible.

  2. The kind of hosting you pick, plugins, themes and how frequent you keep your website updated is the key too good pagespeed.

  3. WordPress? Absolutely. Elementor? That‘s a different question. While it is possible to create a well optimised page with proper caching and (if necessary) a CDN, Elementor per se isn’t the fastest and its DOM is super ugly. If you want to use a page builder that’s performance oriented, I‘d recommend Bricks. r/bricksbuilderio

  4. I have been able to get good speeds from WordPress driven sites with the right caching strategy (other my provider or cloudflare).

    For some situations, the “Simply Static” plugin has done a fantastic job of saving me the trouble of building a full on JAMStack-style solution while still letting me deploy a non-dynamic version of the site to Vercel or Digital Ocean.

  5. Yes, it is possible to build very fast sites with WordPress. No, you shouldn’t use Elementor if speed is of big importance to you – ditch that shit ASAP.

  6. The biggest issue with WP speed is inexperienced users throwing plugins at everything. Or resorting to themes that use page builders like elementor or divi.

  7. There are plugins that will boost your site like lazy loading, mimifying code, etc. But it ultimately depends on the hosting provider. I have $5 plan which is nowhere near as fast as the one I had with godaddy.


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