Issue with Pages Built Using Bricks

I am looking at switching to Bricks. However, there is one thing that seems to be confusing as hell and I could see issues when giving the site to a client. If a page is built with Bricks, you can still edit the page in Gutenberg and there’s a yellow button at the top that says “Edit with Bricks”. Changing the content in Gutenberg doesn’t change the page at all, since it’s built with Bricks. This seems dumb.

Breakdance will show a notice in the Gutenberg editor and remove the ability to edit it. The notice says “Breakdance is currently active for this page.” and then there are two options…one to edit the page in Breakdance and one to switch to the default editor. This way makes far more sense to me and will lead to less confusion.

How do I get Bricks to function the same way as Breakdance in this manner? I foresee clients being confused when they try and edit pages in Gutenberg and it doesn’t change anything.

  1. Can’t you still include a post content module in Bricks which would pull Gutenberg content in? That’s prob why it doesn’t disable editor. Check settings to see if you can disable regular wp content editor if page is made in Bricks

  2. Render with Bricks or Render with Guten is an option in each page’s admin bar

  3. This is where things like onbroarding come in, where the person creating the site familiarizes the client with what has been made. If the client is too dumb to operate the site (in which case they shouldn’t touch anything), you offer a monthly paid maintenance service, where they pay you to make changes to the site, depending on how much work there may be.

  4. Alternative approach: with Gutenbricks, you can convert Bricks templates to Gutenberg blocks and then tell clients to use those blocks inside Gutenberg. 
    Gutenbricks is still fresh, though, and probably needs a little time to mature. But the idea is great and the developer is quite active.


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