Issue With Restricting IP Addresses

Hello @serafinnyc,

As I understand you are having issues with the Login Access option in our SGS plugin installed on your sites hosted on WP Engine. After the correct IP addresses are configured in the plugin, for some reason you are no longer allowed to log in.

If this is indeed the case, please let us know what kind of update is causing the issue. Please provide as many details as possible regarding the issue.

Also, you should ensure your IP address has not changed after you have configured it into the plugin.

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Yes. You are correct. That’s what I’m saying.
We have had no changes in anyone’s IP. They’re always the same.

Again, were the agency using this on client sites. We’re not non techies.

It would be nice if there was a debug mode for this app. Something that shows us why the admin failed to see the admin login page despite having the correct IP in the app.

You can check if the IP address is indeed correct by checking the sg_login_access field in the wp_options table. Also, the plugin generates an Activity log where you can check the exact IP of the last logged-in user as well as the last blocked user. You can compare the IP addresses there. If they are different, please make sure WPE are not modifying the IP address in the requests to the WP login page in some way.


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