It happened again. Plus a plugin reactivated itself.

Hello! A few days I posted about an issue where my revisions were wiped.

I was 99% done with a clients website, the same one I told you guys about a few days ago. However, I checked this morning, and the plugin that was installed by the previous dev that wipes revisions and resets based om date reactivated itself, then wiped out 48 hours worth of revisions.

This time I listed to the advice of everyone and had a backup just in case something like this popped up.

But how could a plugin reactivate itself?

  1. The short version is that it can’t without instruction. You need to be extremely straight with the client here. Either you are the dole developer or not at all. Use the permissions you have to DISABLE this other dev’s access to wp-admin.

    Is this being done maliciously? It is possible the dev has full access to the host and therefor file and folder structure, then if he has that he may have access to the database which when in there it’s a simple flag to set a plugin as active or not.

    If you need something to prove what’s going on, install the plugin “simple History” and this will show you all actions taken as a downloadable log file.

    If you need some help i offer a couple of hours free to diagnose and give some advice, i’m happy to take a look at things but the irony here is that you will need to be comfortable with an element of risk wven when you give a “trusted” person access. I’ll send you anything you need to verify i’m legitimate as when i’ve done this in the past the client really should be made aware.

  2. I think there may be a malware or your website may be compromised.

    Are you sure you’re only one handling the website?


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