JS error in console Uncaught TypeError: e.href.indexOf is not a function

Hi! Could you please send us via email the error you’re seeing (support at nelio software dot com)? I’d like to check your website, because I can’t reproduce the issue locally.

idem in Chrome

public.js?ver=89b3757a303eaeeabfec:1 Uncaught TypeError: e.href.indexOf is not a function
at public.js?ver=89b3757a303eaeeabfec:1:66754
at Array.filter ()
at ct (public.js?ver=89b3757a303eaeeabfec:1:66716)
at HTMLDocument. (public.js?ver=89b3757a303eaeeabfec:1:74008)


And in Safari

Apparently, the issue OP experienced occurred because their website had an anchor element inside an SVG tag. As it turns out, the anchor’s href attribute can be something other than a URL/link. We’ve tested a solution with OP which we’ll include in the next release of our plugin.


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