JSON help

I have a client that has a WordPress site. They also have a Salesforce account to manage job listings.

They want to display their job postings directly on their WordPress site from Salesforce. They sent me a JSON URL that has the JSON feed, but I have no clue how to use it to display their feed.

The JSON URL: [https://elevaterecruiting.my.salesforce-sites.com/](https://elevaterecruiting.my.salesforce-sites.com/)

Their site were the job postings should show: [https://elevaterecruiting.com/jobs/](https://elevaterecruiting.com/jobs/)

In the JSON URL I see the code, but of course adding it to any of the WordPress pages does nothing. Looking at the code I don’t even see were it calls to pull the info from the 3rd party domain. Am I supposed to add more code?

I did find the **JSON Content Importer** online, but putting in the salesforce JSON URL just gives me the same code.



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