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Thanks for the detailed questions. We are happy to share our answers!

  • Yes, whenever the booking status changes to “Confirmed” via the front-end website, maybe because of a valid payment received, an automatic confirmation email is always sent to the guest, as well as to the administrator(s). Additionally, if the booking status is “Pending” (“Waiting for the payment”) you can choose to send, or to not send, a summary email to the guest/admin. There’s an apposite configuration setting in VikBooking that allows you to choose when the confirmation email should be sent. Confirmation emails are generated through the apposite template file that you can edit from the third tab of the Configuration page. You can either edit the full HTML/CSS/PHP source code of the template file, or you can use the customizer tool to change colors and to add custom “Conditional Texts” inside the content of the email message.
  • If you or your clients are willing to activate the Channel Manager, you will be able to decide which room-types to map/sync with the various OTAs. This means that you can always decide to keep some rooms out of sync with the CM so that they will only be available for bookings through your own website. There are many other solutions with the Channel Manager to always keep N units of a specific room-type just for the website and to close the remaining units on the various channels/OTAs, but for any questions related to the CM we kindly ask you to get in touch with our technical team for a better assistance.
  • Invoices are only available in the Pro/Commercial version of the plugin. You can try to visit the official demo website to see a sample for an invoice, but even the PDF invoices are generated through an apposite template file that can be customized with custom contents and design. If you have any technical questions, we suggest getting in touch with our technical team through our website also in this case.
  • Bookings can be modified at any time through the wp-admin section of VikBooking. You can apply discounts, set custom room rates or change the stay dates, you can add extra fees or services and update much more information. Once the reservation has been updated, it is possible to re-generate the invoice in PDF format (even in Electronic format for those countries that support an apposite e-invoicing driver), and the system will update the information by either keeping the previous invoice number, or by generating a new one, according to your own preferences.

We hope this clarifies your doubts! If not, feel free to get in touch with our team by using the contact form on our websites and we will be happy to assist you better.

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