Late to the CPT party but I’m really struggling with custom post types and how to display them on an existing theme.

Hi r/Wordpress

Ive acquired a clients site made with a BeTheme (classic theme) and they want to add searchable resources pages/posts. I can add a CPT but because the site has a theme that doesnt have much CPT functionality, am I stuck coding the single and archive CPT pages by hand?

Seems like most block builders leverage their own themes and dynamic blocks to build single post and archive templates. Generate blocks only got me half way.

Im a solo designer turned WordPress builder and back-end code is not a strength. Id love to learn more about how best to get the CPT data on to the front end of the website but I feel like Im going around in circles.


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  1. So yes and no. First, ACF doesn’t really provide much in terms of front end display, other than outputting the data, it’s up to you to style it, etc. Now there are builders out there that support ACF. So you could, for example, add text to the page and link that text to a field via the builder.


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