Latest update breaks payments |

Yes, I think this general. Just revert to your backup from before the update (i.e. last night in my case) and disable auto-updates on that plugin for the moment until we get a solution (and maybe all try help the developer in fixing it).

I notice the error is triggered from here mollie-forms/classes/Form.php

                  if ($recurring && $_POST['rfmp_checkbox_' . $postId] != 1) {
                          throw new Exception(esc_html__('Please give authorization to collect from your account', 'mollie-forms'));

Beyond that I’m a bit at a loss to see exactly what triggered it. I thought of reCaptcha low score which is my case, but that’s not (really) it since downgrading works again. Let’s join forces to help to get to the bottom of this.

I am not that experienced unfortunately and I did not make a backup. Is there another way to revert back to the previous version?

You can’t revert via WP directly without backup. I can send you a zip of my working version 2.6.3 (as opposed to the faulty 2.6.10 version). Not sure if links work on this forum, but here it is to download: . You can overwrite your files with those and you should be back to the working version as a temporarily solution.

Thank you! I will try this tomorrow morning. Do I need to replace the files using FTP? Or is there an option to reinstall the plugin using your shared .zip folder?

These are just the files contained in /wp-content/plugins/mollie-forms so you should just replace them. Not sure if this will “install” through the GUI. Your best bet is replace the files via sFTP and make sure you don’t have auto-updates enabled on that plugin for the time being. That works for me for now until we get an official update from Wobbie.

Thank you very much! I will try it tomorrow morning.

I am back at version 2.6.3. I found an 30 days old backup. Performed a restore via updraftplus and updated alle plugins except the “Mollie Forms”.

The website is up and running for now. Thanks you for your assistance. I guess we will wait for a response from the developer now.

I am also very thankful for this great plugin. 🙂

Plugin Author


Hi all, I will release a new version with the fix. Sorry for the inconvenience


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