Learning WP from YouTube

Hi all. As the title suggests, I want to learn wordpress. What are some channels you would recommend to learn wordpress. I am currently watching Kevin Geary’s Page Builing series. Is it sufficient to start a career in website building using wordpress. Just so you know I am comfortable with HTML and CSS.

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  1. I receive and read these WP related newsletters:

    * The WP Week from [WP-CONTENT.CO](https://WP-CONTENT.CO)
    * WPLift
    * [wpmail.me](https://wpmail.me)
    * The Repository
    * WP Tavern
    * MasterWP

    You are already in an advantage in comparison to some others that don’t have such background in HTML/CSS, I believe you need now to get deeper into WordPress topics, and I don’t expect that would be any big problem for you.

    You can browse WPBeginner website (or any other for beginners), and my following [post](https://www.reddit.com/r/WordPress_org/comments/147qits/wordpressfriendly_trainings_for_beginners/) where I assembled many free WP training materials could speed that learning process for you. Good luck!


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