Looking for a plugin that will let me show Woocoomerce variations like this examples


I’m building a store for a company that sells tech products with the option to buy them new or refurbished. This variations have different prices of course, so I’ve been looking for a plugin that will let me show the variations like on the examples below.

I’ve tried a couple of swatches plugins but have not found any that comes close, they work better for things like color and images.

Any suggestions? Thanks!



  1. You can try a product builder type plugin. Woocommerce Order Builder by Wpali on Codecanyon is one that comes to mind.

    The latter is tiered pricing. Plenty of plugins around for this. You’ll need to tweak the css to get a similar look.

  2. Im using the [Advanced Product Fields for WooCommerce](https://www.studiowombat.com/plugin/advanced-product-fields-for-woocommerce/) . Technically it does not create variations. It’s like add-ons or additional features of the product. You create single product, and plugin adds various custom fields to it, then calculates the price based on the customer’s selection.

    As a result, for the user this look like a product with tens of thousands of variations and prices



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