Looking for ideas for my website I’m building.

Greetings r/wordpress! I’m currently in the process of developing vibe432.com, a captivating meditation website, and I’m eager to gather some innovative ideas to elevate its appeal. While I’ve successfully integrated a mesmerizing video background, I’ve encountered a slight snag with the elements on the slider revolution appearing a bit askew. Any suggestions on how to enhance it further would be greatly appreciated. Additionally, I’m on the lookout for stock images that seamlessly align with the overall theme.

Moreover, I’ve been tinkering with the color scheme, and I can’t help but notice some inconsistencies. Originally, I opted for a white theme, which I later transformed into a darker palette. However, after realizing that the purple logo color didn’t quite resonate, I decided to switch all buttons and accent hues to a soothing pastel shade. Yet, there seems to be a clash of colors. Any insights on what might be throwing off the visual harmony would be immensely helpful.

Thanks in advance,
Randall baker


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